Sometimes artists need an intimate space to plumb their depths and once their concepts are shaped to their satisfaction, the space to express themselves.
Our studios are modest, practical and central, yet allow for the privacy to engage in the processes that make each resident unique in their expression.
Though predominantly a shy breed, more information on our studio inhabitants can be found here.

New Zealand Portrait Artist

Stephen Martyn Welch has been painting portraits full time since 2005.

From painting Governor Generals to homeless citizens, SMW holds onto one thing in mind when it comes to painting.




Abstract Surface


New Zealand Painter

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Originally Irish, Diana arrived in Wanaka 21 years ago. She is a Musician, Visual Artist and Bubbleologist. Diana also runs Flying Colours Music School which you can find information about here.

Click here to hear Diana and her student's music online.

Click here to see her colourful and ever exploratory bubble work.

You can contact Diana further here.


Classically Music offers music lessons to students of all ages in the Wanaka area.

You can reach them by PHONE or by EMAIL

Flute Music Notes

New Zealand Mixed Media Visual Artist

I have been landscape artist for 15 years, first learning the skills at Mt Aspiring Collage. I am mostly self-taught, though I have undertaken short courses in Canada in 2010. I use acrylic and oil paints as my medium and the inspiration for my art is the landscape around Central Otago. I love the dark and light aspects of our mountains and valleys and the feeling it gives you when you look at it. I feel deeply connected to this area and my aim is to convey this feeling in my art and inspire those looking at it.

Flair McKay

Johanna Hansen, M.A.(Hons.)

Teacher of violin and piano. 

Conductor of Central Otago Training Orchestra.


Suzuki trained violin teacher, Johanna uses the method for violin and piano students and supplements this with the Piano Adventures method for piano. 


Weaving Threads

Anna Priluka is a painter and printmaker based in Wanaka on New Zealand’s South Island.

Originally from rural Melbourne, she moved to New Zealand over 10 years ago and now paints full- time from her yurt house in Albert Town.


The art of kindness! One should embrace it at all times!


Even in the direst of situations people still seem to find the strength and courage to see beauty in the ordeal of their suffering. While some pick up a pen and bleed their grievances on paper, others scratch the surface of a dilapidated wall or beat the mangled booth of a abandoned car while orating in dissent to get their message through.
Others are living a well sheltered, peaceful life, live in walking distance from art supplies, are surrounded by immaculate, pristine landscapes and are given the opportunity to apply for a working studio at the local
art centre.

Heading 6

My paintings explore colour in all its rich, dynamic complexity. I use colour in layers that build upon each other to ahieve visual blending, texture and movement. Portraits have given way to landscape paintings lately and I use mixed media (acrylic, watercolour, ink) in the underpainting stages and finish in soft pastel.

My work has evolved over the last 17 years from developing my own style and techniques to include teaching others the skills that I have discovered along the way. I keep up with new materials and techniques with workshops, online tutorials and memberships that share knowledge regularly.

Kym Beaton.jpg

Some Artisits have links attached, some prefer privacy, if no direct contact is available here and you'd like to meet or chat with any of our residents, please email and we can pass on your request. Thank you

Teacher Liz Ritchie offers tuition in piano, guitar, ukulele and theory to primary, high school and adult learners with opportunities to sit Modern School, Trinity, ABRSM or ANZCA exams.

Liz is part of the Wanaka Ukulele Group and runs a lunchtime ukulele club at Wanaka Primary School each week.

Contact Liz Ritchie

Email or

Phone   021 209 1355


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